Chez Bubu

about us

It has been said that some ideas are born in the least expected environments

This is true for Chez Bubu, a primarily children’s clothing brand. The inspiration behind the business is the founder’s young daughter named Bubuya, nicknamed Bubu. The name is french for House of Bubu, pronounced as She Booboo.

Our Story

The founder tells the story “For her first birthday, I wanted a certain design for a tutu skirt and only had a few day before her birthday to shop around for it. I struggled immensely to get the design that I wanted, which resulted in buying fabric and making the tutu skirt myself. What helped is that I had some previous exposure in fashion and fabrics from high school and call me lucky or fortunate I happened to have a domestic sewing machine as a gift. This gave me a chance to experiment with the tutu, as designing has always been my passion. I got positive feedback on the designs and I got a light bulb moment and was encouraged to try and sell the products, and the business has been growing since then. I design the outfits and make samples myself and the orders are made by professional tailors”.


our expertise

Designer Outfits & Clothing

Chez Bubu is a family owned and run clothing, home and events accessories business. The flagship products for the business are tutu outfits for babies and toddlers

Our range has since expanded to other items such as baby bloomers, rompers and tutu outfits for older ages. Our brand represents a combination of style and fun